Crème Frech – a mini series in 13 short episodes about the lives of two sociopaths.

Karl Hase, a post office clerk, is fired, due to yearlong abstraction of letters, and gets therefore into financial trouble. He finds himself a subtenend, the long since employed Bronko Ludovic, who considers himself a private eye. From the very first moment on, the cohabit becomes a plague for Karl. For the first time since childhood, he has to share his living space with somebody else, who even more, constantly shows nothing but disrespect and refusel.
The relationship changes only, when Bronko gets his first mission from the beautiful and mysterious Cäcillia. He is to tail her ex-husband and dangerous mafia boss Don Doëdel, whom she wants to blackmail. Out of his total inexperience he gets himself deeper and deeper into big trouble, without even noticing it, since he is totally convinced of his own work. Assured in his selfconfidence, he lightens up towards Karl. A fragile friendship begins to show, which is even more strengthend by the imminent danger.

Crème Frech tells, without any known language, the story of two ousiders, who are not capable of dealing with human relations and cannot foresee the outcome of their actions. At the same time the series is mocking all kinds of genres and the process of filmmaking itself.


Title: Crème Frech

Production: HüKSt

Length: 13 Episodes / 180 min

Written and directed by: Jeana Paraschiva

Camera: Jeana Paraschiva, Maxim Mehmet

Editing: Jeana Paraschiva

Music: Maxim Mehmet, Jeana Paraschiva

With: Daniel Zillmann, Maxim Mehmet, Verena Gros, Franziska Zahl, Tim Knappar, Alisa Zillmann, Michael Fröhlich, David Lotherington, Gabriel Loebell-Herberstein, Jenifer Dimke, Silvia Gevorkian, Trystan Pütter, Johannes Flachmeyer, Dennis Prinz, Dirk Dresselhaus, Tomoko Nakasato, Spartac Gevorkian, Maximilian Zahl, Artur Mehmet, Ronald Zillmann, Rosemarie Zillmann und Jeana Paraschiva

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